let’s get our legs waxed,” they said.
"it’ll be fun," they said.


                     ╰☆╮ XMAS FANART REQUEST ╰☆╮

lucifer!key for fonulyn

mathi’s commentary: bb i hope you like it. i really enjoyed drawing this because the ref pic was especially pretty! I’m sorry if it looks plain to you but i was scared that if i added things it would turn out bad. i really hope you like it ;; also, i wish you a merry christmas and i hope 2014 will bring you only good things!

Key trying to prank his wife… 

toheart preview / key

how to get to know something… *stalk them on the internet*

when key lies about not being able to go to arisa’s shoot due to a sudden schedule change

hello my freaks ~
inspired by this